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Orchid Silk Tropical Boutonniere

Orchid Silk Tropical Boutonniere

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Planning a beach wedding but need a little pop of color. These high-quality orchid boutonnieres are just the touch. Tropical boutonniere for a beach wedding, Prom Homecoming Boutonniere for that special occasion.

The beautiful, rich colorful tropical boutonniere is made with very realistic and soft artificial flowers.

In each boutonniere, I have a mixture of floral leaves that complement each orchid.
All boutonnières will have burlap twine. Unless special request to have a silk ribbon.

No matter what location you choose for your wedding these boutonnieres will pop on any color tux.

If you want the boutonniere for the groom to have an added special touch from the other wedding party, I will be gladly able to do that.
Message me and I’ll be glad to do that.

If you are getting married within 2 or 3 months we can place your order and ship on time. 

After we have your order and have shipped. We do not accept product returns on this product due to limited quantities.

We look forward to your business.
Kim’s Touch
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