For over 30 years I have followed a God givin, gifted passion for flowers and making something out of nothing AKA "DIY" l love to make crafts since I was younger. I hated to throw anything away, I always found a use for it.

As I got older and more creative. That passion for craft turn into sewing and building my house into a home. I love to take something old and make it new. Floral designing just came easy for me. Before there was a "HGTV" or the internet, home decorating was was my go to. Before I knew it people loved my creative designs and didn't mind buying it. Kim's touch turned into a business for me in turned my desire was to help others find their passion and now since the internet world has exploded my designs can be shared throughout the world.

In my shop you will see wreaths, floral arrangements, home decor, and special ordered items. Most of my creations sale before I can get them on my site. So
Always check in because you never know WHATS IN STORE.